Tots Bots EasyFit Prints

The trim fit and durability of the Tots Bots One Size Easy Fit diaper makes it a top pick for families looking for a diaper to last through multiple children.

Similar to a pocket diaper, the Easy Fit has an opening in the back which gets stuffed, but instead of a separate piece, the stuffer is attached to the diaper for a quick turn and go. The pocket function makes the one-size adjustability function easy, just snap up or unsnap as needed with the stuffer out, then stuff, folding if necessary. The pocket also allows you to place extra absorbency, like a Thirsties Hemp Insert under the attached insert.

The Tots Bots is now new and improved with a soft minky liner! The EasyFit v3 interior minky is a soft material is a quick abosrber that will hold a lot of wetness! Protective side guards made of anti-wicking, soft brushed polyester prevents compression wetness. 

Tots Bots EasyFit Prints!

The introduction of the Fairy Tale EasyFit prints has renewed the interest in The Easy Fit! If you have to change diapers, you might as well enjoy doing it!

EasyFit Jack and the BeanstalkEasyFit Three Little PigsEasyFit Chicken Little

EasyFit Nursery Rhymes collection includes (from left to right): P Jack and the Beanstalk, Three Little Pigs, Chicken Little.

Tots Bots EasyFit Cities!

EasyFit London EasyFit Paris EasyFit New York

The Tots Bots Cities collection includes (from left to right) London, Paris and New York. London displays such iconic images a the double decker busses and Royal Guard. The Paris print is not currently available in the United States, but we're holding out hope! This pring shows the Eifel Tower and a Vespa scooter among other French icons. The New York Tots Bots print has both a fire engine and a taxi, the statue of liberty and a fire hydrant.

Tots Bots Easy Fit Nature Girl and Pooper Hero!

Pooper Hero and Nature Girl Tots Bots Easy Fit

These two prints were introduced in Fall 2012 and became available in the United States in late Winter, 2013. These Easy Fits are a more iconic design. Pooper Hero has classic comic book sayings like "Roar," "Bam!" and "Pop!" in colorful counds and bubbles. Nature Girl is a sweet collection of doodles, including a rainbow, birds, mushrooms, houses and sayings like "Love my world."

Tots Bots Spots

TotsBots Spots

Blue Moo, Fox N Spots, Night Owl

Tots Bots Easy Fit Details

The EasyFit will fit babies between 8-35 lbs, it is a one-size diaper adjusting with snaps down the front. We do caution that one-size diapers do not fit newborn babies, even if they are born at 8 pounds. Wait until they have a little meat on their thighs and the one-size diapers will provide much better leak protection.

Manufactured in a dedicated factory in Glasgow, Scotland from environmentally friendly fabrics and Oeko-tex certified dyes. 

SKU 5127
Weight 0.90 lbs
Made In Scotland
Our price: $23.95

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