Candy Cane Discounts for HolidayVille

Mark your calendars! December 3 is HolidayVille! It’s time to Shop Clintonville for all its wonderful little independent shops.

Once again we’ll be doing one of the funnest sales events of the year, Candy Cane Discounts!

It’s a little different this year than it has been in years past. This year the discounts aren’t restricted to just certain items. You can get 5-40% off any item or your entire order! Come on in and shop with us and have some fun!

With our new deals there are few differences with how we will run this discount, so please read on and play fair so we can all have fun!

#1 – One candy cane per customer. Customers shopping together may get one discount each, but they must be used on their own order. No swapping discounts.

#2 – You will not draw your discount until checkout. So have fun shopping, make a pile if you like. Once you are ready to check out, we will ring up all applicable items (see below for items that do not qualify). After those items are in our computer, you can pull your candy cane from our stocking and will will apply the discount!

#3 – All cloth diapers and baby carriers are excluded from this promotion. If you are purchasing cloth diapers and baby carriers along with other items, we will ring up the other items first, do your discount, and then add the cloth and carriers.

#4 – Items that are already on sale will not be given an additional discount. These items will be reserved and rung up after your discount is applied to the other items in your order.

#5 – Once your discount is drawn no additions! Sorry! We know you’ll be super thrilled if you draw one of the 40% off everything candy canes, but you need to decide what you’re purchasing before drawing and we won’t allow you to add on any other discount-able items after the percent-off is applied.

#6 – In-store merchandise only. No special orders. No other discounts can be used with your candy cane deal.

#7 – Enjoy the candy cane! :)

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  1. Kim says:

    Wow, I gotta say that I think it’s kinda lame that you’re restricting adding to your purchase after you draw your discount. I was hoping to pick up a few gifts, but I’m reconsidering whether I’ll stop in at all :/

    • Sprout Soup says:

      I’m very sorry you are disappointed. We love offering our loyal customers discounts, but as a small business we have to stay afloat and that means being cautious of how much we are discounting. Thank you for your feedback, we appreciate hearing from our customers.

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